When applied correctly, our press on nail system works 90% of the time. The purpose of the protective strip is to create a stronger bond between the natural nail and the artificial nail. Application is fairly straightforward but the steps must be fully followed to ensure a long lasting application.

In order to work properly the nail armor MUST be placed on your clean bare nail. The strip needs a clean surface to properly bond to. This means you cannot apply them over gel or other polishes, or acrylics. They will not have the same longevity.

It may be easier if you apply the nail armor first on all nails and then apply the Stay-On nail. 

If you are between sizes, always go with the smaller size nail or file down the sides of the bigger nail. Make sure the nail fits exactly within your nail and does not hit your skin. If a nail is too big, it can create a gap.

Apply the glue evenly and liberally throughout the entire nail bed. What is most important is the pressure applied to hold the Stay-On nail down. Apply the nail at a 45 degree angle first. Then press down in the center of the nail and apply the included clip for 30 seconds in the center of the nail to ensure a strong enough bond is made. Be sure to time this to make sure each nail is being held down for the adequate amount of time. If glue does happen to get on the nail, any top coat will help fix the issue. If you have nails that are very curved or have a hard time keeping nails on, applying a dab of glue onto both the false nail and the nail armor will ensure the nails stay on very well. 


Removal is fairly straightforward. You can weaken the adhesives by submerging your hands in hot soapy water for 15 to 20 minutes. You can then push them off from the cuticle with a wooden stick. Please note in order for the nails to truly loosen they must be fully submerged. If the water just touches the surface you will not get the same loosening. This is the reason why the nails will stay on so well when showering, washing dishes or even swimming. Since pool water is cooler, the nails will not come off while swimming. 

If you do not wish to reuse the nails you can also use any non-acetone nail polish remover. Doing this will usually work faster than using water and soap. However, this may break down the Stay-on nails themselves.