Introducing the first ever stay-on nails™

Made to last as long as a salon manicure without the damage

The Secret

Our Patent-Pending Nail Armor

Our Stay-On nails™ are strong, long-lasting and come in a variety of shapes and lengths: square, almond, and coffin in both short and long. We also make stunning handmade sets. What makes them so strong is a special nail protective strip placed between the natural nail and the Stay-on nail™. This protects your nailbed from glue while making the nails extremely strong.

salon strong Manicures

Without the damage

We spent a year developing our Stay-On nails™ system that could last as long and be as strong as salon manicures. Here you can see an experiment breaking into a pomegranate with our manicure system. The strip keeps your natural nail oils from breaking down the glue, making the nails unlikely to pop off on their own.

For reusing and for your own sets

Extra nail armor is finally here!

Extra Nail Armor (6 Sets)

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Want a hand-painted customized set in your size, shape and color? These are handmade and come in over 150 colors and finishes.

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Sizing Kit

This sizing kit comes with 10 nails to help you accurately measure your sizes to order custom press on nails.

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