Hi, I'm Orchi and I LOVE press on nails. They're quick, easy, and have endless design possibilities. I've never been one of those women who enjoyed going to the salon and spending hours on getting my nails done. I've also never been one to paint my nails because I probably have ZERO coordination. But I love pretty nails. So a couple of years back, I saw an advertisement for press on nails, loved how beautiful they looked on the models, and decided to order a couple of pairs. 

The appeal was simple and straightforward. I prep my nailbed with alcohol, file my nailbed a little bit, and glue on the nails. But to be completely honest I was sorely disappointed. First off all, I had a few nails pop off within a couple of days, while I was out with my friends. Super embarrassing!  I knew I followed the instructions and did all the prep. Here's what I realized. Press ons may work for some people based on their individual nail textures, but there is a vast majority of people that they quickly pop off of. What's the point of getting your nails done if you have to glue one back on every day? Plus, the nail glue was VERY damaging, no matter what any company might claim. Nail glue has the same components as super glue, and there is nothing "healthy" about putting nail glue on your bare nails. I still have some dry spots on my nails from the areas that the nail glue caused damage.

So I spent about a year and a half searching for a way to make press on nails stay pressed on. It was a lot of testing. I knew it was the natural nail oils present within the nail bed that was causing the nail glue to break down and also the nails to pop off. I also wanted to find a way to create a barrier between nail glue and the natural nail bed. Stick on nail tabs were an interesting option, but didn't have the strength of glue. I finally found an ultra thin material that could bond to the nail bed and protect it from nail glue while extending the life of the press ons. These nails, when pressed on with a good amount of pressure onto the nail protector with the included glue, can rival the strength of acrylics and can last until they are removed. Best of all, they can be removed without the need of acetone or other damaging and drying nail polish and artificial nail removers. They can be soaked in coconut oil or a variety of other rehydrating oils so that the nail bed can be replenished and healthy. 

I founded Dea Nova to showcase how I felt every time I put on a new set of press on nails. Like a goddess. I want everyone to feel that way when putting on a new manicure.