Our instant nails are unlike any other temporary or fake nails. They mimic your natural nail shape so you do not even know you have "acrylic" nails on. They form around your nail bed like your natural nail would and have a gentle flex to them.

These nails have superior strength and lasting capability and premium salon finishes.

No chipping, no wearing away and no splitting.

Our kits include the addition of gel nail pads to protect your natural nail bed from nail glue. All glue is damaging to nails, regardless of what may be advertised on the bottle. The nail pads not only protect your natural nail but extend the wear and strength of your manicure.  The oils produced by natural nails tend to break glue down, but with the nail pads this problem is avoided. The nails do not pop off like regular press on nails when applied properly. Furthermore, they become so easy to remove, only needing to press up from the cuticle. No need for damage from acetone. 

24 nails to a box, including all sizes and spares as well as glue and gel nail pads

For the first time you can enjoy the strength and quality of acrylic nails without spending any time in a salon! 

What's the buzz? Dea Nova noticed the damage that regular press on nails bring to the nail bed. This was the result of 2 years of development to find a material that could sustain the life of the nails while protecting the nail bed at the same time.

5-Step Application:

  1. Find the size that best fits your nails and lay them out in order.
  2. Wipe each nail using the prep pad (alcohol wipe).
  3. Apply the gel nail pad to the nail.
  4. Apply glue evenly to your nail and place the nail onto the glue, sliding it down to line up with your cuticle. Squeeze the artificial nail between your index and thumb fingers to make sure you are getting adequate pressure. Hold it there for 30 seconds.
  5. Repeat on all fingers and voila!